Timber Tiles Installation Guide

Timber Tiles Installation Walk Through Video

Timber Tiles Installation Guide

Download the Timber Tiles Installation Guide Here: Installation Guide

Timber Tiles Installation Guide
Timber Tiles Preparation/Tools

Step 1: Timber Tiles Preparation

1. Acclimatize tile: Open boxes and remove plant-based, compostable eco-shrink film. Allow tile to warm to room temperature. One week is recommended. 

2. Gather tools: A few hand tools will make installation simpler. Follow safety guidelines from tool manufacturer, including the use of glasses, dust mask, and hearing protection. 

3. Prepare wall: Tiles to be applied to a dry, flat sub straight, such as drywall or plywood. Clean and wipe down the wall. 

4. Plan layout: Establish a level line to work from. Choose a tile pattern, considering reveals, borders, obstacles

Timber Tiles Installation Guide
Timber Tiles Installed

Step 1: Timber Tiles Installation

1. Apply adhesive: Use a trowel or gun to apply urethane wood floor adhesive. A centered dollop of construction adhesive will also work. (IMPORTANT NOTE – NO WATER BASED ADHESIVES.  If it cleans up with water, it is water based)

 2. Lay tile: Install a straight base line of tile. Use 23 gauge, 18mm (3/4”), pin nails in edge lap to secure the tile. Continue adding courses, working from left to right, bottom to top. Maintain straight, level, plumb courses. 

3. Cut to fit: Firmly clamp to a work surface before cutting. We recommend using a jigsaw, multi tool, handsaw, or band saw. Pre-drill before screwing into tile to avoid splitting. Scribe tiles around obstacles. 

4. Finish up: Leave 1/8” expansion gap around the perimeter. Trim with wood moulding or tile edging. Clean up, stand back and admire. Please post to social media #timbertiles


Our products are prefinished with Saicos UV Hardwax Oil. They are ecofriendly, burnable, and compostable. Information on the care and maintenance of your wall can be found at saicoscanada.com. Touch-up bottles of finish are available through Timbertiles.ca or from saicoscanada.com/dealers

Timber Tiles Installation Guide